Where to start with Up-cycling?

As I sit at my industrial brother sewing machine. I think back to the garments I have been given to alter over the years to help customers to modify their wardrobes for grand occasions.

From simple alteration jobs to completely revamping a grandmother’s wedding dress. This type of deconstruction is pleasurable for me to undertake but time consuming. There is a finite amount of fabric to use and much problem solving but it is gratifying to complete a gorgeous bridal gown made for a new bride.


Looking ahead I now believe that up-cycling is the way forward for those brides concerned about the environment and sustainability with regards to fabric production and waste by modifying something your wardrobe for a grand occasion.

Brides not wanting to purchase a new wedding dress could turn to buying secondhand or from a charity shop and have the fun of redesigning  their choice for the big day.


I alter garments daily that are many sizes too big ( from a 20 to a 14) and even tackle the complication of a pregnant bridesmaid and wonder what will come in to challenge my creative flare that allows me to modify something from a wardrobe for any occasion. click this link to see more of the service I provide. https://countycouture.co.uk/services

This wedding dress was added to, using a beautiful matching embellished lace to create a custom made new outfit. Stunning beaded top adds decoration to a new mother of the groom’s outfit for her son’s wedding.

polyester shuntang teal wedding dress
Ruched detail in teal wedding dress
Embroidered tulle used to create new dress design
Addition of edging to the neckline giving the dress a new look for grand occasion.

This stunning teal coloured embroidered tulle was available to buy through County Couture. Check out the company website for other buying options.


So if you require some experienced help in altering a garment for everyday wear or a complete re vamp of a dress that’s been in your wardrobe for years and you have a grand occasion to go to, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. https://countycouture.co.uk/contact