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I’ve been told that customers often can’t find suitable young teenage bridesmaid dresses without taking a gamble at ordering online as there is very little off the peg in the high street shops.

If you’ve decided to ask a young member of your family to be part of your wedding party. You’ve got yourself a young teenage bridesmaid to source an appropriate style of dress for. She’s someone who’s too old to be a flower girl and too young to be an official bridesmaid, generally between the ages of 8 and 14. You still want her to feel included alongside the older attendants.

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Finding her dress is a challenge as she may be in the stages of her body shape changing as well as having her own opinion with regards to design. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

The Cost of a junior bridesmaids dress

You may have asked the parents to help with other tasks or costs associated with the wedding day so it would be good to keep the price of the dress relatively low. I would recommend that the mother of the teenage bridesmaid attends the dress selection process so various factors can be discussed.

Her Age

The style of dress must be in keeping with the bride’s idea and you will want her to look and feel like she is part of the group. There are dresses designed for girls and tweens where there are no fit issues and they feel appropriate for her age. These garments are mostly found in small boutique dress shops.

blush pink bridesmaids dresses

What length is suitable for a young bridesmaids dress.

You want to make sure that her dress is the ideal length to go with bridesmaid flats or low-height heels. The length of your teen bridesmaids dress will probably matter much more than that of your adult bridesmaids, you don’t want her tripping over it. This makes much more sense to pick a junior-specific bridesmaid dress rather than a regular dress size dress.

Her Own Style

Ensure that she’s wearing a dress that speaks to her personal sense of style. The dress doesn’t have to match perfectly with the other bridesmaids, hers can be slightly different. The neckline may be higher, she may want to be more covered than the adult bridesmaids. You can dress your teenage bridesmaid in a patterned dress to coordinate with your bridesmaids’ solid colours or put her in a similar gown with a slightly different cut or colour.

The Accessories

Surprise her with coordinating accessories to go with her dress and invite her to join in on the fun when you’re getting ready together. Smaller versions of headpieces are good to compliment her dress and a matching fabric handbag to keep all her possessions inside.

Headwear and jewellery are some of the important key pieces when putting together your bridal party outfits, browse Richard designs webpage to see some fabulous options.


 Your teenage bridesmaid will be so pleased that she can join in on such a special day in your life that it will be something she remembers forever. Just remember she is still a child and all the factors above should be taken into consideration.

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