How to decide what to wear on your wedding day – Five reasons to get your Devon wedding dress tailor made.

I often think about what draws customers to have a bespoke wedding dress or any special occasion wear made for them. Previous customers tell me their stories about shopping for what to wear on the “Big day”. It made me think why certain people choose to come and get a tailormade dress or guest outfit for their special occasion. How do you decide what to wear on your wedding day? 

1 You may not be able to find the exact dress you want in the shops or online, you may see dresses that have certain details, that you love but not all on the same dress. I can put together a custom made garment that has all the embellishments and will suit your style.

2. It will be made to fit you: Over the course of your wedding dress appointments your local dress maker is able to make your dress to fit your current body shape. I have the final fitting quite close to the wedding day to be accurate on a good but comfortable fit. Click the link to see more about our my service.

3. Fabric choice: You should be shown a range of fabrics depending on your dress design and what overall effect you are looking for. So if you are looking for something floaty, you would not go for a duchess satin or a heavy ziberline. You dressmaker should know what fabrics are suitable.

4.  Some ladies are unsure about what style compliments their body shape, I can discuss and advise about design and suitability for body shape and during the toile stage suggest different details in the design to put their minds at ease. I also look at the placement of the seams to enhance body length and ensure details are in proportion.

5. Over the years I have found that a lot of clients have said that they did not want to go to a wedding in something from a High Street chain. They worry that another wedding guest was wearing the same dress or outfit. I am happy to accommodate each persons’ needs by making the perfect dress for them.  I can alter or embellish a wedding guest dress including bridesmaid’s dresses using lace, embroidered tulle or just adapt the design itself.

So if you are un-inspired or just can’t find the right outfit for your wedding day then it makes sense to look at getting a dress or outfit made by a local seamstress.  If you click the link here to view my previous wedding dresses all have been custom made to allow clients to achieve the look they are searching for. Feel free to email me [email protected] for advice or to book in a consultation. I look forward to seeing your ideas, inspiring your creative talent and bringing it all together in a gorgeous gown or outfit.